Mailing List Usage Agreement

When filling out the form of our website, you confirm your agreement with the privacy policy of our site - In addition, you acknowledge your agreement to receive us the right to disclose your personal data under such circumstances:
- By your personal consent: in other circumstances we undertake, before transferring information about your personal data to a third party, to obtain from you a direct agreement to this. For example, our company may implement joint proposals or contests with various third parties, in which case we are required to obtain your agreement that we, with this particular third party, can use your personal information.
- For companies that work on behalf of our Company: We can cooperate with outside companies that can perform on our behalf all the functions related to business support, therefore your personal information may be partially disclosed. To such companies, we put forward stringent requirements, in which we are talking about the fact that they can use your personal data only for purposes that are limited to the presentation of contractual services; The transfer of this information by them is prohibited, in the event that the situation does not fall under the contractual requirements, namely, it is not necessary to provide the agreed services. The functions of supporting businesses can be: in the issuance of winnings and bonus prizes, in the implementation of filed applications, in the execution of orders, in the management of information systems, and in interviewing our counterparties. Also, we unconditionally disclose information (which is not personalized) when we select suppliers.
- For subsidiaries and joint ventures: by such enterprises we mean organizations in which the Company owns more than half of the equity participation. During the transfer of your data to partners in subsidiaries or joint ventures, we prohibit our partners from disclosing your personal data to any parties for marketing, advertising purposes, and we prohibit the use of it by any means that contradict your decision. In case you noted that you do not want any advertising or marketing materials from our side to come to your name, our Company undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of your information, not transferring it to partners, for further use of it for marketing purposes.
- For pages that are partner or jointly positioned: Our Company has the right to transfer information to its partner companies, which together with our Company is engaged in the implementation of special offers and events related to the promotion of a certain product on the pages of our resource, which we position together with data Partners. If the page requests personal information, you will receive a warning that the information can be transmitted. In turn, our partners have the right to use any information that you provide, in accordance with their own notice of confidentiality, which will be presented to you for further information when you provide personal information.
- During the process of transfer of control over the enterprise: The right to transfer your personal data, in the case of a sale (partial or full) or transfer of assets of our enterprise, or the enterprise itself, remains with our Company. In the process of transferring control over the enterprise, you will receive a notice from our Company stating that you can refuse the transfer of your personal information. In some cases, if you refuse to transfer personal data, you are deprived of the opportunity to receive services or products that the Company previously provided to you from the new organization.
- For law enforcement agencies: our Company has the right to disclose your personal data without your agreement to a third party for such purposes: to avoid an offense, a court order or a regulatory act; To assist government investigations; To strengthen or protect the rights of subsidiaries of our Company or the Company itself; And to provide assistance in preventing fraud;
The personal data left by you at the time of registration on our portal, in full, can be changed at any time or completely removed, according to your requirement. To implement such a procedure, you must, in the way that is most convenient for you, contact us. All contact information is posted on our portal in its separate section.
You can at any time refuse to accept our letters, the distribution of which is carried out by our regular mailing. To carry out this procedure you will be helped by a special link, which you can see at the end of any of our letters.